How Tallulah Can Power Your Patient-Focused Organization

January 23, 2024

Imagine if you could supercharge how you discover and manage patient stories. How would it affect your organization’s ability to provide more resources for patients?

At Array Insights, we’re here to help you find out. We team with next-gen patient-focused organizations to help them use technology to power their mission-aligned activities.

Our latest innovation is Tallulah, an AI-powered patient story management platform. Tallulah’s cutting-edge technology helps your organization maximize the impact of your patient and caregiver stories. The platform will help you lean on automation and generative AI to locate and discover the high-quality, meaningful stories you need.

Let’s discuss how patient stories can drive impact, and how Tallulah enhances your patient story management strategy:


High-Quality Patient Stories Support and Inspire Your Everyday Work

A collection of rich, up-to-date patient stories can help across all of a patient-focused organization’s major responsibilities:


Hard facts and statistics are an important part of building a compelling call to action for your donor community. However, there’s nothing more powerful than human stories. Putting a real “name and face” to your disease area will likely make donors more likely to contribute to your mission-aligned activities. It’s even more impactful when you can personalize the story to your audience segment (or even towards a specific individual) by tapping into the human-interest angles or program areas that resonate with them.

Recruitment for Clinical Trials, Studies, and Focus Groups

Clinical trials, studies, and focus groups can understandably make many patients uneasy. It’s not always easy to tell your story to strangers! Hearing an authentic, personal narrative from another patient who has already participated in those trials/studies/groups can be powerful. A thoughtful story can help address concerns, build trust, and motivate others to participate.

Peer Matching

There’s strength in numbers. Patient stories can help connect patients with similar conditions for mutual support and shared experiences. Those who are reluctant to participate in peer matching might be swayed after reading a compelling narrative.


Just like grantors and donors, legislators and policymakers might better understand the human side of your organization through patient stories. Incorporating patient narratives to underscore the need for specific policies, funding, or regulatory changes will strengthen your advocacy efforts.

Press and Industry Requests

While it’s important to spread your messages and stories through your channels, it’s often powerful to expand your audience. Compelling, relevant patient stories make it easy for media members to find an angle for future news stories. Additionally, pharmaceutical companies and other industry entities could be interested in specific patients for speaking engagements or case studies.


Tallulah Makes It Easy To Discover and Manage Your Patient Stories

Examining the far-reaching impact of patient stories underscores the need for technology that supports these efforts.

Here’s how Tallulah can help your organization:

Find, tag, and categorize the most compelling patient stories

Patient and caregiver stories can only achieve maximum impact if your organization can locate and amplify them. The status quo of disconnected folders, emails word docs, and CRMs can make it difficult to give each story the care and attention it deserves.

Tallulah’s answer is an AI-driven search that helps you find, tag, and categorize your stories. Our advanced elastic search functionality helps your organization leverage the power of machine learning to find the stories and photos you need. The less time you spend searching for stories, the more time you can dedicate to amplifying those narratives.

Discover new stories

It’s important to organize your existing patient stories, but it’s also helpful to source stories from new patients to keep your content fresh and current.

Tallulah offers a host of tools to help you achieve this:

  • Automated calls to action: Let Tallulah send automated calls to action via email to your patient base as you search for new stories.
  • Social media discovery aggregation: Select the keywords/hashtags you’re already monitoring across platforms such as Reddit, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram. Tallulah will help you crawl these sites to find public profiles of people who have shared your story. It’ll then provide you with a single hub for your entire team to manage and track outreach to those individuals (as you ask them to formally donate their stories).
  • Generative AI copy assistant: Draft compelling content faster than before with our “first draft engine” that’s totally secure, unlike open-source services such as ChatGPT.

Drive engagement to your programs and services

Patient-focused pros often spend considerable time trying to connect patients to the existing programs and services that could benefit them. Tallulah helps reduce some of the manual effort included in this process.

Our software helps you segment groups based on the resources that would provide them the most benefit. Using our Generative AI tools, you can then draft content to create hyper-focused campaigns that drive them towards those resources. This will help you prove the impact of the programs/services you’ve worked so hard to create.

Track and measure your impact

Tallulah gives you access to a dashboard view to track your stories by geographical location, demographics, and other customizable community tabs. You can also track the usage of your patient stories across platforms to measure the impact of campaigns, grant applications, and other digital media.

It’s hard to improve what you don’t measure. Get the data you need to understand which strategies are working — and which should be improved.


How To Get Started With Tallulah

Do you think your organization could benefit from this next-generation, AI-driven technology?

Tallulah is designed specifically for the patient story management process, helping patient-focused organizations:

  • Categorize and organize stories with easy-to-use machine learning tech;
  • Locate the most engaging stories using elastic search functionality;
  • Employ secure generative AI to draft content for email campaigns and pitches;
  • Analyze the geographic and demographic representation of your stories through a dashboard view; and
  • Measure and track the impact of their patient stories.

Next-generation patient groups such TOUCH, The Black Breast Cancer Alliance, the United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation, and the Pink Fund are already using Tallulah to drive impact.


Are you ready to elevate your patient storytelling in 2024?


Schedule a chat with our team to learn more about how Tallulah can power your patient-focused organization.