Array Insights Debuts Tallulah, the AI Patient Story Management Platform with TOUCH, The Black Breast Cancer Alliance

October 5, 2023

Novel machine-learning technology to support the Black Breast Cancer community and their participation in clinical trials.

Breast cancer is a different disease for Black women. Black breast cancer patients die at a 41% higher rate than white breast cancer patients, underscoring the need to mobilize the Black community to participate in clinical trial research.

Array Insights, a collaborative software provider that supports patient-focused organizations with AI technologies and services, is partnering with TOUCH, The Black Breast Cancer Alliance to debut Tallulah, a next-generation AI patient story management platform. Using Tallulah’s novel machine-learning technology, TOUCH will streamline the management and meaningful use of patient stories — to inspire patients find community among Black Breasties and participate in clinical trials.

The project’s ultimate goal is to support TOUCH’s mission of eradicating Black Breast Cancer.

“There’s a constellation of exposures, experiences, and lack of science that cause Black women to face disproportionately worse breast cancer outcomes,” said Ricki Fairley, Co-founder & CEO of TOUCHBBCA and a triple-negative breast cancer survivor. “With its unparalleled impact, our When We Tri(al) movement has shown what innovative solutions can accomplish. Array Insights is providing TOUCHBBCA with a story management solution to help our patient community and mobilize Black women to participate in clinical trial research. It’s a great example of how innovative AI technology can help patient-focused organizations achieve their goals.”

TOUCH receives thousands of messages from patients and supporters through its website and campaign-specific microsites, like When We Tri(al). Over 120K people have visited the When We Tri(al) site since its launch. Array Insights will provide TOUCH with Tallulah to create their own machine learning-trained model for efficient tagging and segmenting of these messages so patients can get the resources they need faster.

“Teaming with TOUCH is a great opportunity to show what happens when you give a next-generation patient-focused organization access to innovative AI data tools like Tallulah,” said Anne Kim, Co-Founder and CEO, Array Insights. “There are obviously real inequities within our healthcare and clinical research ecosystem, and helping TOUCH is a great way for us to continue building the #BlackDataMatters movement.”

Members of the Black Breast Cancer community are encouraged to share their stories, learn about clinical trials, and connect with the breast cancer community at and

Patient-focused organizations seeking to learn more about Tallulah, Array Insight’s patient story management AI technology, should visit



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TOUCH, The Black Breast Cancer Alliance drives the collaborative efforts of patients, survivors, advocates, advocacy organizations, health care professionals, researchers and pharmaceutical companies to work collectively, with accountability, towards the common goal of eradicating Black Breast Cancer. Our work requires partnership, shared resources and knowledge, and consistent action so that we can hold each other accountable for advancing critical, life-saving science for Black breast cancer survivors/thrivers. Learn more at and



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