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We aim to advance bioinformatics research and innovation with a platform that allows faster, more secure access to data – powering the future of better healthcare for all.

The current state of data sharing for research collaboration is outdated. Researchers sending data on hard drives, duplicating and exporting, pooling together only for it to become updated — wasting precious time and increasing the likelihood of breaking patient privacy. At Array Insights, we believe there is a better way to power research collaboration at scale right now that will lead to improved health outcomes for patients in the future.

Our Product

Diverse clinical datasets allow for greater impact on equitable healthcare.

Our Data Federation Platform gives researchers the ability to use data from all participating hospital and data partners, leading to unprecedented depth and breadth. Data regarding patient care should reflect the real people impacted by research and on our platform, it does. Our product allows access datasets from disparate institutes with ease, creating a more inclusive research approach.

Our Platform

Our innovative platform makes it easier for researchers to focus on the science, knowing we are focused on patient privacy.

The Array Insights platform improves on a variety of weaknesses compared to other approaches. On our platform, datasets stay securely behind the hospital’s or other data partner’s firewall. Researchers have access to nuanced data from trusted healthcare and patient advocacy partners. Contracting and analytical tools are built-in for users, increasing the efficiency and security of research communications with all involved partners.

Our Team

Meet our team of game-changing experts who are advancing medical collaboration.


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