We’re on a mission to amplify the stories and experiences of patients. 

There is no easy way to gather, organize, analyze, and share the vast amount of insights that live in patient story data. At Array Insights, we are using Artificial Intelligence to manage and uncover unique patient outcomes data while prioritizing patient privacy.

Our Product

Elevating the patient voice drives impactful insights for better patient outcomes.

Tallulah gives patient advocacy organizations the ability to organize, tag, search, and improve intake of patient story information. Additionally, they have the ability to use previously unaccessible patient story data to uncover unprecedented insights – meaning real stories that reflect real patient data. 

Our Platform

Our innovative platform allows patient advocacy organizations to focus on the patients and researchers to focus on the science – we have the AI and privacy covered.

Tallulah is the first dedicated patient story platform. Our platform consolidates all of your patient story data into one source of truth, focusing on ease of accessibility while maintaining patient privacy. Researchers gain access to the untapped qualitative data of patient narratives through trusted patient advocacy organizations.

Our Team

Meet our team of game-changing experts who are advancing medical collaboration.


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