AI Software for Managing Your Patient and Caregiver Stories

Unlock the full potential of your communities’ stories

Use AI-driven search to find, tag and categorize stories

Measure your results with a dashboard for instant reporting

Centralized Story Input

A centralized hub for inputting patient and caregiver stories, allowing users to gather narratives through multiple channels like website forms, interviews, emails, and other sources

Elastic Search Functionality

Incorporate advanced elastic search functionality, making it effortless to locate specific patient or caregiver stories quickly and efficiently

Auto Tagging and Generative AI

Enable auto-tagging of stories and use generative AI to help write content with stories, offering an efficient way to categorize, organize, and share narratives without relying on solely time-consuming manual efforts

Patient and caregiver stories are at the core of any patient-focused organization.

But managing patients and their stories with care and compassion can be a challenging task. 

Tallulah, the Next-Gen Patient Story Management platform from Array Insights, offers an AI-powered solution to help you maximize the impact of your patient and caregiver stories.

How do you manage your patient and caregiver stories?

Do you have a maze of disconnected folders, emails, word docs, and CRMs?
We can do better.

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Content Generation Tool

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Copy Assistant Tool

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Patient Story Intake and Search

Built for patient and caregiver story management

Multiple options to input patient and caregiver stories into one single hub.

Your community can input stories through a form on your website, or you can fill in a form when interviewing a patient, or log it through patient emails, or other channels. All stories flow into a single internal portal for your team.

Categorize stories with ML technology.

Tallulah employs advanced machine learning (ML) technology to enable auto tagging of stories. Users can efficiently categorize stories and keep everything organized — no more relying solely on memory or failed mailbox searches!

Locate the most impactful stories.

Searching for the right patient or caregiver story and photos becomes a breeze with Tallulah’s advanced elastic search functionality. 

Dashboard View

Do the stories you have truly represent your diverse patient community? If you don’t track, it is hard to know. Tallulah has a map view depicting geographical location, stats on demographic representation, and other customized community tags.

Ethically Bring in Generative AI.

ChatGPT is open source which means any data you put in, is then owned by ChatGPT. With Tallulah, you have your own secure Generative AI tech. Need to quickly come up with an email campaign announcing a 5K benefit with a patient story? Tallulah can be your first-draft machine, helping you meet deadlines while maintaining content quality. 

Measure your impact.

Tallulah offers a unique capability to track the usage of patient stories across various platforms. See the impact of your stories for campaigns, grant applications or any online context.

Want to maximize the impact of your patient and caregiver stories?