SAIL Announces $4.7 Million Seed Fundraising Round to Help Advance Life-Saving Clinical Research

November 8, 2022

Our next-generation clinical data registry helps patient advocacy groups connect with clinical researchers to securely access greater volumes of representative data. 


(Cambridge, MA, November 8, 2022) Secure AI Labs (aka SAIL), the next-generation clinical data registry for patient advocacy groups, announced today it has raised $4.7 million in Seed funding to help these groups more easily access and manage a vast network of clinical data sets – ultimately enabling clinical researchers to break new ground with disease-ending insights. The funding round was led by Asset Management Ventures, with additional investment from Mozilla Ventures, Future Labs, and York IE. To date, SAIL has raised $9 million.

Traditionally, patient advocacy groups haven’t had an easy way to securely connect clinical researchers with patient datasets from hospitals and other institutions. Clinical research typically relies on a limited number of clinical sites, which leads to inherent bias and insights that only benefit specific subsets of the population.

From 2015-2019, 76% of clinical trial participants were white, according to data from the Food and Drug Administration.

Relying on novel federated analytics, SAIL’s turnkey research platform brings together clinical data sets from 100+ hospitals, creating a representative data pool that includes information on rare subtypes, minorities and other groups. Patient advocacy groups can attract mission-aligned funding without spending tens of millions of dollars developing their own ad-hoc data registries. 

“For too long, the data we have accessed for clinical research has not been representative of the population at large,” said Anne Kim, CEO, SAIL. “Current studies are siloed and come from the same sites or data points over and over again. Insights are often based on those who have the luxury of being able to participate in the clinical trials – traditionally upper middle class white males. Our goal is to bring together a larger, more diverse data network – so clinical researchers can collaborate on medical breakthroughs for everyone.”

Hospitals face strict data privacy standards. SAIL’s clinical data registries are founded with advanced security in mind. SAIL’s federated analytics allow researchers’ statistical queries to run on multiple hospital data sets without humans seeing or accessing each data set. This model offers multi-direction confidentiality, enforced and audited data protection, and robust end-to-end encryption. Researchers cannot access discrete elements of or see hospital data, and hospitals can’t see datasets other than their own.  

The Kidney Cancer Association (KCA), a non-profit organization supporting the kidney cancer community, is an early partner of SAIL’s. SAIL’s federated learning platform is an integral part of the KCA’s Kidney Cancer Data Federation, a novel approach to research that overcomes three major obstacles kidney cancer investigators face: patient privacy, data that is limited in volume and scope, and cost. 

“More representative healthcare data shouldn’t come at the expense of individuals’ privacy,” said Mohamed Nanabhay, Managing Partner at Mozilla Ventures. “SAIL’s ability to grant clinical researchers access to more data while protecting patient privacy will only help to make the solutions more effective for all people and drive greater outcomes at scale.”

“Artificial intelligence and federated analytics are essential for breaking down data silos,” said 

Richard Simoni, Managing Partner at Asset Management Ventures. “SAIL has found a way to apply this technology to the life-saving field of clinical research.”

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Secure AI Labs is a next-generation clinical data registry that offers more representative and secure clinical data – allowing clinical researchers to break new ground with disease-ending insights. With advanced security measures, novel federated analytics, and a vast, connected network of hospital data and researchers, SAIL helps clinical researchers analyze greater volumes of representative data while preserving patient privacy. SAIL helps patient advocacy groups and their partners bring researchers and disparate hospital datasets together around a common goal – preventing, treating, and curing disease for every population and subtype. Securely connect to representative data that enables disease-ending insights at


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