Category: Patient-Centric Security

When “Free” Patient Registries Aren’t Really Free

July 13, 2023

Authored by Troy Keyser, Vice President of Partnerships at Array Insights. There’s no such thing as a free lunch — and there’s certainly no such thing as a “free” patient data registry. Leaders of patient advocacy organizations are typically laser-focused on their goals: amplifying the voices of their patients and championing efforts that reduce or eliminate the impact of their disease. These are noble missions. They’re difficult to achieve when…

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The Ethical Use of Patient Data

April 13, 2023

Contributors: Anne Kim, Miguel Morachimo and Christopher Scalchunes, MPA Medicine should be developed and designed for everyone. Unfortunately, many of our medical treatments don’t account for the diversity of conditions in our communities. We’re missing out on positive health outcomes because our care options aren’t as representative as they need to be. Our country has a long history of medical and clinical abuse and negligence when it comes to underrepresented…

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The Power of Analytics on Federated Data in the Healthcare Industry

April 11, 2023

The healthcare industry has always had its share of data challenges. While there’s a lot of potentially usable data available, it’s often fragmented across systems that can’t easily communicate with each other – or are kept “private” and never revisited. Security and privacy concerns over patient data are some of the major roadblocks to leveraging these disparate data sources for generating new clinical insights. There have been a number of…

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Why Patient Advocacy Organizations Should Be the Leaders of Clinical Research

February 21, 2023

Contributor: Anne Kim Data is the key to cures. That holds true whether we’re sharing existing successes in patient care or fueling hypotheses for new breakthroughs. Patient advocacy organizations (PAOs) and non-profit health organizations are constantly innovating to find new cures, which makes clinical data a core part of their everyday mission. Unfortunately, most patient data is currently sourced from the same sites — limiting these groups’ opportunity to fuel…

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How Can We Enable and Advance Clinical Research: The Power of Federated Data

January 12, 2023

Contributors: Dr. Rajni Aneja, Sandy Pentland and Anne Kim As a vital connector of the clinical research world, patient advocacy groups are responsible for setting disease-ending insights in motion. The two main goals: finding cures and ending disease. Today’s patient advocacy organizations (PAOs) are doing amazing things, but there’s still so much untapped potential for your organization. Clinical research is only as effective as the data that researchers can easily…

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